Glassblower artists want for people to buy glass pipes and bongs online instead of them buying their competitors’ products. Therefore, a glassblower artist may do something slightly different in order to make his/her glass pipes and bongs stand out among the rest. If people begin to obsessed over this particular glass pipe and bong maker’s designs, then they will become “trendy”. Since they will be on trend and very popular, other bong and pipe glassblower artists will begin making that type of product, thus causing it to evolve. The evolution of glass bongs and pipes is an ongoing process that will continue to repeat itself for probably many more decades or even centuries.


All it takes is one look at a glass bong to see that there is definitely an art to making them. There are some bongs that are basic with the clear glassy look. Other bongs may have a tinted glass so that it appears pink, green, blue, or whatever other color one could want. Sometimes, bongs are created with colorful patterns on them. The patterns that some of the have on them are simply amazing. Google shows pictures of glass bongs that almost have a smokey look to them, which definitely catches one’s attention quickly. In addition to the colors and patterns on glass bongs, the design of the bong itself is definitely a work of art. It is almost like looking at a sculpture inside of an art museum. Google also has pictures of the different shapes of bongs. There are some that are shaped like chemistry lab beakers.

Others take on the shape of lava lamps. Someone even designed on that is shaped like a dragon and breathes out the smoke from the bong, which is insanely impressive and eye catching. This goes to show that there is definitely an art to making glass bongs. People think that there is nothing more to making bongs other than making something that people can smoke tobacco out of. However, several glass bong makers have set out to show that they are doing much more than that. They have decided to take more of an artistic outlook on the profession and to show people what they really are paid to do. Creating and designing bongs is a profession that requires one to always be thinking outside of their, as well as others, typical idea box. At the end of the day, the most creative glass bongs are what is going to capture people’s eyes and sell the quickest.